Offshore Patrol Vessels

The Offshore Patrol Vessels of CoCo Yachts are designed to be able to perform quick and safe inspections and checks on all waters. The OPV's are strong and tough, but also safe, functional and very fast. The OPV's are made of seaworthy aluminium, and the weight is optimized for best performance.

CoCo Yachts has developed a series of OPV’s with lengths ranging from 15 to 35 m, with speeds of 18-55 knots. The OPV's are equipped with traditional diesel engines, gas turbines or propeller or waterjet propulsion.

The decoration on board is simple and neutral, but functional. These vessels are designed for their tasks to be performed as well as possible without hassle.

The CoCo Yachts Offshore Patrol Vessel series is the best muscleman in its class!

Enjoy the Difference!